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Review: Exolon DX

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Game: Exolon DX

Publisher: Retrospec

Authors: Graham Goring, John Blythe & Infamous

When I first played Exolon by Raffaele Cecco on the speccy I was blown away by the colourful graphics and the super smooth animation of the main character – Vitorc. To date it remains as a reminder as to what can be done on the speccy when a competent coder and graphic artist design a game with the limitations and abilities of the speccy in mind.

So when retrospec announced a Exolon remake in the offing way back in 2005, I was hugely interested in knowing how the talented folks at retrospec would remake this classic. The answer is ExolonDX, the second ever remake done by Graham Goring for retrospec.

The starting intro sets the mood for the remake nicely. Colourful, well drawn graphics with all sorts of embellishments greet you before whisking you away to the main menu. The first thing you should do is go to the options screen and switch the display to 16 or 32 bit full screen mode (unless you don’t want to of course!) to get the maximum pleasure out of the game. You will need to quit and restart the game for the setting to take effect though, which is a bit annoying but easily done.

The first screen in the game shows off the graphics nicely. Cool looking spaceship, nifty status panel, smooth parallax-scrolling starfield and ,whey-hey, the Cybernoid ship zooming off screen in the background! Okay enough sight-seeing. Time to lay into that gun emplacement with a quick rocket from the rocket launcher. Woohoo! Watch that sucker explode! Well then, not a bad start eh? Wonder what lies beyond that crazy looking alien artifact…

And with that you’re on your way. The first thing to note in the remake is that the number of lives has reduced from the gracious (but much needed) nine lives to a mere two. Yep, that’s right – two. That’s probably because the remake doesn’t require you to be pixel perfect as in the original speccy version so things are indeed a bit easier. Plus the remake is pretty much faithful to the original version so there aren’t any nasty surprises in store to upset your march through the game.

Amidst the graphical extravaganza the only thing I found a bit amiss was the graphic for Vitorc himself. He looks like a spaceman in a spacesuit – as he should – but lacks the character that Vitorc had in the original version. Plus the upgrade suit doesn’t alter Vitorc’s appearance as dramatically. I’m probably nit-picking but it’s these two points that caught my eye early on in the game.

Apart from that Exolon is a visual feast with extremely colourful well defined graphics and really cool visual effects that bring the game to life. In the sound department, Exolon boasts of a thumpingly good  soundtrack that plays in the background and competent but varied sound effects that accompany most of the actions in the game.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed playing the remake for the simple reason that it’s a well crafted remake that stays to the original but significantly improves on all the aspects of the original game. Highly recommended!

Interestingly, ExolonDX credits Hugh Binns as the creator of the original graphics. However, I can’t find any reference to Hugh Binn as the author of the graphics for the speccy version (on which ExolonDX is based). Indeed, he isn’t mentioned anywhere in the credits for the speccy version of Exolon. Hugh Binns, however, did do the graphics for the Amstrad CPC version, so there’s probably been a mix-up somewhere. Either that or Raffaele cheekily took all the credit!

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